Chaos forged a Fable


GENRE:- Fantasy Fiction

FORMAT:- eBook

AUTHOR: Kate Craft

PLOT: 5/5

PACE: 3/5



TROPES: Partners in fighting, magical heroine, fated mates

This adventure will keep you on your toes!

This review might have spoilers. I was pleasantly surprised by this book. It is written well without visible grammatical or spelling errors. This book flows at a medium pace with a perfect satisfying delivery.

This is an epic quest! Hobbit meets the Grishaverse.

Our heroes are a mixed cast of characters. Mayara, our main Character, is a young woman who has been living a lie as a human. Her ordinary world as a police woman comes to an end when her brother decides to look for her mother who disappeared in a mysterious lake.

The author created a world worth of adventuring into. There are several political factions in this world. Also different racial casts fighting to have a place in this world that might end at any given moment, due to Chaos.

There are magical elements to the story. The banter among our heroes makes our characters so much more richer. Each location becomes more dangerous than the previous, as the story moves forward in their  very long and difficult journey.

Mayara must find her brother and her mother then defeat her power seeking Father but that isn’t enough… no, the real villain here is Chaos. And for that she might have to sacrifice everything.

This is a story of trust, friendship, adventure, and love.


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