The Ink of Love


 GENRE:- Poetry

FORMAT:- Paperback

AUTHOR: Rudra Makwana



I haven’t touched a poetry book since my grandmother passed away.

This book opened that door again and I am so happy it did!


I must say that this book has so many aspects of life we take for granted but the author here turned them into a thing of beauty.


Every thought is masterfully crafted with that soulfulness that grabs you deep inside. Poetry should be a meditation discipline, a point of great inner reflection or outward observation. In this book of poetry Rudra Makwana brings both to the surface and shows you how beautiful it can be to see the magic, the miracle of life and the world again with eyes of love.


The  book design with elegant graphics not only makes this book a fine piece of art but a treasure to keep forever.


I highly recommend you throw yourself into reading this!

It is a refreshing dive for the soul!


Here are some excerpts I loved:


Darkness of the heart has

Consumed mind.


Contagious mind holds a

Promise of forever.


Such predicament whether

to pick up the broken pieces

of heart or to do a

fresh start.


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