GENRE: Paranormal Romance-Rom Com


PLOT: 5/5




This review might have spoilers.

What can I say, this book made me laugh so much!

Aubry Brooks is our main character. She is spunky and sassy like no other witch. Her Grandmother wins the awards for best second character EVER! The author gives us such a rich and delightful cast of characters to this first installment in the series, I cannot wait for the next one!

Our main character gets herself in trouble when by accident she is possessed by an extremely sexy Succubus. The subplot is also very intriguing. Her best friend contacts her from the spirit world a year after her murder.

This book has everything! Has steamy but the author is truly elegant to deliver this without taking over the main story. The story goes from the shock of being possessed by a sexy demon who wants to seduce her at every turn to a world unseen by humans. A world of angels and demons and lawyers.

Very well thought and put together. I highly recommend this book.

This is a fast pace read with a perfect satisfying delivery. This book is written well without visible grammatical or spelling errors.


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