Dacia Wolf and The Prophecy



 FORMAT:- eBook

AUTHOR:- Mandi Oyster



 This review may contain spoilers.


First of all, I liked how the Author crafted the main character, very relatable to anyone.

Her accidental house burning and the loss of her baby brother, very sad but compelling.

All she wanted was a new start and college might have been it…or not.


What would happen if you encountered Nefarious, our villain in the story and had not a clue what to do?


How do you vanquish such evil even with the help of your gifted powers?

I would be totally at a loss like the main character.

The author here gives the main character a very believable and realistic human trait.


The story flows at a moderate medium pace, but don’t let that fool you, because of the twists the author cleverly crafted. It kept me going back to the book as soon as I found some extra free time. I had to keep on reading to find out how the plot was solved.


As I mentioned above, I was a tad lost (like the MC) without a clue or recourse to solve the story plot. ( a good dose of reality here) I know the author offered a hint but I … missed it…LOL. So, the end was entirely unexpected, which in my humble opinion was very refreshing.


I loved Cody’s selflessness. Samantha’s clear head and Sarah’s mentorship. Together they bring meaning to Dacia’s life, our protagonist. It is overall a story of friendship and trust. The author makes a good job of describing life, idiosyncrasies, and rules inside some college dorms along with the expected bullying most schools count on.  But let’s not forget the author also gives us a very romantic love story between Cody and Dacia.


I was very pleased with the originality of the story plot despite the cliché part of being the chosen one. (But that is why I read the book in the first place!) Dacia’s journey of discovery and trials captured my imagination.


The story is lighthearted and fun to read. I gave it 5 stars because the story is very original, and the main character has great potential in this Series. Also is well written with no grammatical errors. This is a very clean and entertaining fantasy story. I highly recommend it for impressionable young teens with a good versus evil theme.


This book can be a standalone, but I am already looking for the next adventure. A Pegasus and a dragon… What could go wrong?


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