Chasing Darkness




AUTHOR: Cassie Sanchez

PLOT: 5/5

PACE: Medium to fast pace



 This review might have spoilers.

This book is written well without visible grammatical or spelling errors. This book flows medium to fast pace read with a perfect satisfying delivery.

This tale captivates from the first chapter. What can I say, the plot story is engaging and character driven. Character development is rich.

The world-building is complex. The author has  the skill to translate her vision into a gorgeous work of fantasy.

The characters gradually evolve throughout the book, but they do not forget where they started. Which creates a feeling of a balanced arc despite it is just the first book. The storyline has a perfect amount of action, drizzled with laid back moments so that the reader can breathe and contemplate everything that is happening in this book.

I liked how the Author crafted the main character, Azrael. His world is intriguing, dangerous, and mysterious, as our hero discovers that everything he knows has been a lie.

2 opposing forces. Those who possess magic and those who don’t. The political intrigue is treacherous and is anxiety provoking. Spectrals are our good guys. This is a story of people of virtues versus corruption and tyranny theme put together.


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