Legends Of Astraea

Author: Sophia Alessaandrini





Warning this review contains spoilers. 

Legends of Astraea, Cupid’s Arrow is a purely poetic epic saga of beauty, filled with legendary mythological and supernatural entities. This story has the essence of adventure, love, fantasy, scientific fiction in it, which makes the book more enjoyable. 

This is the first book in the series by the author, and the book really incites curiosity about the next installments in the series. The story is captivating right from the first chapter. 

Sophia Alessandrini weaves a supernatural complex story filled with imagination, whimsy and romance. The characters are purely magical and fully developed. I was highly impressed with the dialog between them and the originality of the voice that Sophia Alessandrini possesses. 

The story is about a sensitive and emotional young girl who is 16 years old, Ailie. She is the main and the most powerful character in the story.

Ailie only wants to be a normal girl, but she is destined for more. Her destiny is known by the only one that really loved her, Mother Clarisse. But Mother Clarisse has just been murdered. She is determined to revenge the murder of her would be mother. Legends of Astraea, Cupid’s Arrow is about adventure, friendship, devotion, determination and the potential and power of love. 

The landscape that author Sophia Alessandrini paints is one of wondrous beauty that pleases the aesthetic and imaginary senses. It’s filled with ancient beauty, magical colorful scenes and gothic gloomy places, as well. The details were on the point, each scene was beautifully explained by the author, there is no point that you can say that the author could have told us more about the characters. 

There are numerous Greek literature and mythological references and citations that fill the pages of this enchanting story. The author knows her mythology and history well. There was great research that was put into this fantasy tale, which is full of twists, turns, mythology, romance, supernatural powers, and action.  

We were left with considerable curiosity that what will the power of cupid’s arrow do, so the book will keep you interested even after you have finished reading the book. 

The narration is very professional and written very well, with no grammatical or editing errors. It is a very smart read, composed with intelligence and skill, but you may need a thesaurus handy. 

The plot is unanticipated, and the ending is exciting and fulfilling on this beautiful and enchanting tale.

We highly recommend Legends of Astraea, Cupid’s Arrow by Sophia Alessandrini. We will be looking out for the next installments, till then…


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