The Blood of the Lion




AUTHOR: Chelsea Mckenna

PLOT: 5/5

PACE: Medium pace



This review might have spoilers.

I was pleasantly surprised by this book. It is written well without visible grammatical or spelling errors. This book flows slowly building the tension to medium pace with a perfect satisfying delivery despite the unresolved story that left me on a cliffhanger.

Well, first of all this book has Chapter names!

Which tends to be a classic sign of a well-crafted book.

This story has the bones of an epic with multiple characters, much in the style of George Martin meets the dark side of Leigh Bardugo writings. Well-developed characters with difficult but relatable struggles.

Four different factions, each with their own background mysteries.  A common enemy ~Demons.

A dragon and his master, a king who wants to be a good ruler but can’t, a love story that might be more of a Shakespearean tragedy, a traitor, a blade that kills demons, a boat captain with a pirate soul but a knight in shining armor heart for Syra who is in deep troubles,  and an imminent war.

The author offers us a compelling dark side of being an unsuitable hero. Also most of our main characters have journeys in a Aragorn like fashion in Lord of the Rings.  The story builds slowly the tension through the book. Be patient, because it is worth the read. 

I don’t want to give you more spoilers but I must say this story is only the beginning of a true epic! If you loved Game of Thrones… this story has it all!

I highly recommend this EPIC-adventure-fantasy story.

My 2 cents for the Author. I would love to see a central idea that lead us to read the next 11 installments of this mega series.


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