The Savior’s Champion





 Warning this review contains spoilers. 

One should pace reading this story to enjoy each challenge and to breath the intensity of some of these challenges. 

 We loved this book’s twists and plot, surprisingly unexpected.

 We give it a 5 star for Originality. 

 Character development is complex and rich.  

We enjoyed so many of the characters. It just shows that the author was able to put as much effort into the creation of all the characters as much as the protagonist. This book contains nail biting plot twists. The political intrigue is tense and is anxiety provoking. Human virtues versus corruption and tyranny theme put together in an ancient Roman style full of graphic violence, deaths, language, with the element of magic and some sensuality that worked well. The almost platonic romance between Leila and Tobias is as endearing as is necessary, given the bestiality of this tournament. It gave the much-needed pause. 

 The author really thought through the challenges in this book, although magic was involved. An emotional roller coaster watching the “X” factor meets Spartacus. 

 This book’s structure weaves together a great story which takes turns you would not expect that will twist your heart and leave you begging for more in the end if you’re patient enough.

 This is the type of story that will stay with you for a long time and will not be forgotten. 

Long live Tobias and Leila! 


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